Actor makes Simbu's biggest enemy his groom..!?

 Simbu is said to be a controversy, there is always some issue going on around him. That is why he has few enemies in the film industry. Thus a person whom he considered as his arch-enemy became a groom of Shivaji's household. The recent release of Mark Antony has been very well received. Adhik Ravichandran, who directed two raunchy singles vishal and SJ Surya, is now tying the knot. The news that he is going to marry Prabhu's daughter aishwarya is now going viral. It is an adaptation of the 2017 Simbu-directed Abarabavan Asaradhavan Adangathavan Patudholvi. At that time, simbu did not show up properly for the shoot and it caused a lot of controversy. Since then these two have become enemies.In that way, the wedding of Aishwarya, daughter of Prabhu, and Adhik Ravichandran who is Simbu's enemy, is going to happen on december 15. aishwarya married Kunal in 2009 and settled abroad. But now that she is divorced, aishwarya is in love with Adhik Ravichandran. Both the families have agreed to this and the wedding date has been finalized. The official announcement about this will be out in a few days.

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