As per report Vijay Verma, who has entered the bigg boss house as a wild card entry, has gone viral in a video where he has put facts about his fellow contestants. bigg boss had a task called Earthquake last week. While announcing this task, bigg boss also announced what will happen if they don't succeed. Accordingly, he had announced that if they fail in the three tasks that he sets, the three contestants who have already left will enter the bigg boss house as a wild card entry and if they come, the three who are currently nominated will be evicted.

Shocked by Bigg Boss's announcement, the contestants struggled and took risks in the tasks but managed to win only one-third of the tasks. After failing the other two tasks, two people are guaranteed to be eliminated this week. Based on that, RJ Bravo and Akshaya who got the least number of votes this week were eliminated. Subsequently, Vijay Verma and ananya Rao have given re-entry. Vijay Verma was the first to enter and after entering, he played a task with the contestants. The task consisted of stacking stones in a chest containing the contestants' faces in a row. He breaks them down one by one and reveals what outsiders think about them.

He starts by teasing the title winner Saravana vikram and then talks about everyone like Raveena, Mani, Poornima, Jovica, Nixon. Everyone is shocked to finally tell Nixon I want you to break your lie. This video is currently going viral on social media.

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