Team Hanuman expresses readiness for the sankranti release, led by director prashant varma and starring teja Sajja. Marketed as India's inaugural superhero film, it faced multiple rescheduling challenges throughout the year. Despite setbacks, the team is determined to enter the competitive sankranti race, a festival synonymous with star-studded film releases. prashant varma asserts that their movie embodies all the festive elements necessary, justifying its sankranti debut. 

The film's release on january 12 coincides with the release of Mahesh's film, adding to the challenge. Some argue that an earlier or later release window could benefit Hanuman, but the team remains firm in their sankranti choice. With ravi Teja's Eagle, Nagarjuna's Na Sami Ranga, and Venkatesh's Saindhav also joining the sankranti lineup, the battle for audience attention intensifies. prashant Varma's track record instils confidence in Hanuman's success, supported by effective promotional material that has generated buzz.

While Hanuman's quality is crucial, the timing of its release amidst star-studded competition poses a potential obstacle. Securing adequate theatre presence could prove challenging against star movies. The team remains optimistic about Hanuman's prospects, banking on prashant Varma's creative prowess. The film's ability to navigate the sankranti competition and contend with star power will ultimately determine its fate.

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