When elections were approaching, heroes would either make a political statement or join as campaigners for some party, or they would encourage residents to vote. But today, directors and star heroes are making sure to capitalise on the electoral frenzy, as nani has done with a'manifesto' video. nithin has arrived.

Nithin, a talented actor, will appear in the film "Extra" (Ordinary Man), directed by writer-director Vakkantam Vamsi. In addition to announcing the arrival of the film, the actor tweeted something fascinating today, which has already become the talk of the town. "Mana Jenda... Agenda... Only Entertainment," nithin said, confirming that the film's trailer will be released on november 27th. These sorts of political touches by the heroes, on the other hand, add a sense of pleasure, wonder, and surprise to the announcements.

When nani released his 'Hi Nanna' manifesto video, many people worried what type of political satire he had put into it. And now that nithin has tweeted something like this, people are asking if this young hero would also say anything political. We must state that the political angle is working. With Vakkantham Vamsi's funny touch, the narrative seems new. His dialogues are excellent, and they generate a lot of laughter throughout the picture. Sreeleela was not given enough screen time in the video, while Nithiin appears to be portraying a part with different shades.

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