Johnny Lever: As soon as he got the news of junior Mahmood's ill health, johnny Lever came to meet him, and the video went viral.

As soon as he got the news of junior Mahmood's ill health, johnny Lever came to meet him. The video of the actor-comedian is going viral on social media.

A report that came out yesterday regarding actor junior mehmood increased the concern of the fans. The report claimed that junior mehmood was admitted to the hospital, and his condition was very critical. However, when amar Ujala investigated and talked to Salam Qazi, who considered Mahmood as his brother, he said, 'Junior Mahmood has a tumor in his stomach. His blood pressure and sugar levels have increased a lot, due to which his weight has reduced by 20 kg, but he is already feeling healthy and is talking well to the people who come to meet him. At the same time, as soon as information about Mahmood's health deteriorated, veteran comedian-actor johnny Lever came to meet him, the video of which went viral on social media as soon as it surfaced.

Johnny Lever meets junior Mahmood

In a viral video, comedy legend johnny Lever visited the ailing veteran actor at his residence, expressed concern, and offered support in these challenging times. The video shows johnny Lever motivating the conversation as junior Mahmood looks weak and lying on the bed.

A report went viral on social media in which it was told that Mahmood is suffering from liver cancer, and seeing his condition, the doctors have refused chemotherapy. The report also claimed that it was too late now, and only prayers could show some miracles. However, when amar Ujala investigated this viral report, the truth turned out to be different.

The operation will happen soon

Investigation revealed that Mahmood's health is bad, but his condition is not as serious as is being said in the viral reports on social media. We told them that Mahmood is now back home, and soon his tumor will be removed through an operation. It is noteworthy that junior mehmood, born Naeem Syed, started his career as a child artist and later started directing Marathi films. With a filmography of 265 films, he gained recognition for his roles in Brahmachari (1968), Mera Naam joker (1970), Parvarish (1977), and Do Aur Do Paanch (1980). The name junior mehmood was given to him by the great actor mehmood himself.

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