Ranbir Kapoor and bobby Deol’s latest release film Animal is not only being liked by the audience but after

seeing its fast-paced action, everyone is going crazy about both the stars. Meanwhile, a deleted scene of the film

is going viral on social media. Once again Ranbir’s dashing look can be seen in this scene. Who is seen flying the

plane in an injured condition.

Deleted scenes of Animal went viral on social media

Ranbir and rashmika starrer Animal is making waves at the box office. Fans are drooling over this film of

director Sandeep reddy Vanga. Also, critics have also given very good feedback regarding its action. Amidst all

this, some parts and scenes removed from the film are going viral on social media. Fans are making crazy

comments after seeing the action of these scenes.

Ranbir was seen sitting in the plane in an injured condition.

After watching the film, the audience also noticed that some scenes have been removed from the film. Some

scenes of the film’s video song Arjan Valley have been removed from the film. In one part of this song, Ranbir

Kapoor is shown sitting inside a private plane, where his eye is badly injured. And he is sitting with a bottle in

his hand.

Ranbir Kapoor flew a plane while drunk

In the same scene, ranbir kapoor is shown making drinks inside a private plane in an injured condition. His

cousins and bodyguards are also sitting together. Meanwhile, Ranbir suddenly goes towards the cockpit and then

lifts the pilot from his seat and sits down to fly the plane himself.

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