Bollywood actress swara bhaskar is happily married to Fahad Ahmed. The couple welcomed their first baby girl

Rabia in the month of september, a few months after their marriage.

So this is why swara bhaskar keeps dear Rabia's face hidden.

On september 25, swara bhaskar gave the good news of becoming a mother to her fans by sharing some pictures

with her daughter on her Instagram. But till now the actress has not revealed the face of her daughter. Recently in

an interview, the actress revealed why she has not revealed the face of her beloved yet.

The actress revealed

On hiding daughter Rabia's face on social media, swara bhaskar said, Why should I reveal my daughter's face to

show it to unknown people, I am not ready for this at the moment. Apart from this, she also told that she is making

a scrap book for her daughter, in which she will save precious moments when she grows up. Swara is often spotted

with her daughter. But when she sees the media, she gives Rabia's face cover. Due to which the actress has been

trolled many times on social media. Let us tell you that swara bhaskar had married Fahadh with full rituals on

March 16. Earlier, both of them had got a court marriage done with each other under the Special marriage Act.

These days, swara bhaskar is away from acting and spending quality time with her new born baby. The actress is

very active on social media. Where she often shows the glimpse of her beloved to the fans, although the actress

hides the face of her beloved.

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