This weekend war of TV’s popular reality show Bigg Boss 17 has been quite emotional. YouTuber Sunny Arya

aka Tehelka has been thrown out of the show. Tehelka and Arun Mashetti were very close friends in the show. In

such a situation, Arun was completely heartbroken after the departure of his best friend, seeing which his fans

were also heartbroken.

Actually, in the last episode, karan johar announced the decision to throw Tehelka out of the show. Hearing this,

all the family members got into a big fight. Arun cried a lot when he was thrown out of Tehelka’s show. No one

could stop their tears after seeing him. At the same time, now on social media too, fans are giving an example of

their friendship after seeing Arun crying for Tehelka.

One user wrote - So among the cold celebrities, only Arun and Tehelka have a true bond in the house. Another

user wrote – It is sad to see a real entertainer Sunny arya leaving the show. I wish he could control his anger. Arun

is very sad. I can understand their pain. Another user wrote- Sunny arya and Arun were true friends in the show. I

felt like crying after seeing Arun crying. Another user wrote – It feels very bad to see Arun in such a condition

today. Tehelka was his only support at home.

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