Saba Ibrahim, sister-in-law of tv actress deepika Kakkar, does not need any introduction. He has created an

identity for himself on his own. Saba is a famous YouTuber where she keeps sharing her life updates with her fans.

This time Saba has shared very good news with her fans.

Saba bought another house

Actually, Saba Ibrahim has bought another house in Mumbai. Saba has shared this happiness with her fans in her

latest vlog. Shoaib Ibrahim’s sister has also given fans a home tour of her new house. First of all in the vlog, Saba

and her husband Sunny were seen going to their new society.

Gave fans a tour of the new house

After this, Saba and Sunny told the fans that they have bought their dream house. Saba said in the vlog that-

Alhamdulillah, we have bought another house. I always wanted my house to be on the main road of Mumbai

where I could see the shine of mumbai and this dream of mine has been fulfilled. Saba told that her flat is 2 BHK

and is on the 17th floor.

The family has not yet seen Saba's new house.

Further in the vlog, Saba gave a home tour of her house... where she showed her entire house and also captured the

view from the 17th floor. After this Saba took us to the terrace of the building which was quite beautiful. In this

vlog, Saba and Sunny told that their mother has not come to this house yet. Let us tell you that earlier, Saba

Ibrahim had also taken a house in the building of deepika Kakkar and Shoaib Ibrahim.

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