Vishwak Sen, rather than being diplomatic in his area, never hesitates to voice his thoughts. Vishwak has previously voiced his displeasure with purported negative campaigns against his films, and most recently, he has expressed his displeasure with the potential release delay of his film Gangs Of Godavari.

Vishwak has even promised not to promote his film if it is not released in December. Later, he was nowhere to be found promoting the picture. producer Naga vamsi responded with a confused message, implying that the film had not yet been completed. Today, the actor tweeted an update on the updated Gangs Of Godavari release date. He revealed that the film will be released on march 8, 2024.

It is clear that Gangs Of Godavari has been pushed back from december due to a tremendous rush at the box office from films that chose to avoid Salaar. The Gangs Of Godavari crew looks to have selected a safe bet with Nani's Hi Nanna, Nithiin Extraordinary Man, and Ranbir's Animal all arriving in the first week of December. Gangs Of Godavari bills itself as a rural action drama, while Vishwak describes it as "a tale of absolute grit and determination and the rise of a man from rags to riches!"

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