Bigg Boss is considered one of the most popular reality tv shows. The show is made in several languages across the country, like Hindi, Tamil, telugu, Kannada, Marathi and Malayalam. Currently, the 7th season of bigg boss telugu is premiering and is making a lot of buzz among the fans. The reality show, hosted by Nagarjuna, started with 18 contestants. It premiered on Vijay tv on october 1. So far, the show has received a great response from the audience and has been running well. Recently, at the end of the 13th week’s episode, the show saw the elimination of popular contestant gautham Krishna. So, let’s take a look at his total remuneration from the 7th season of bigg boss Telugu.

Gautham krishna was among the most popular contestants on the show. He had been in the news for his interesting gameplay. In the 13th week, all the contestants except Amardeep were nominated to get evicted from the house. This week, the danger loomed over gautham and arjun as they were at the bottom two. Eventually, it was revealed that gautham Krishna was the one who bid farewell to the show.

As per reports, the weekly remuneration of the contestant has been revealed. It has been found that gautham was paid around Rs 25,000 per day. His weekly earnings were Rs 1,75,000. As he survived for 13 weeks in the house, his total remuneration from the show is Rs 22,75,000.

Gautham’s journey within the bigg boss house has been noteworthy. The young contestant was able to survive for 13 intense weeks in the house. Throughout the show, he garnered attention for frequently challenging shivaji and consistently nominating him for eviction. Before leaving, he allocated all his points to amar in the ticket to the final task. But despite all his efforts, amar couldn’t win the task and arjun secured the position as the first finalist. This led to a shift in the voting dynamics and gautham received the fewest votes on the show, leading to his elimination.

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