"Back then, I started with the film bommarillu, and people branded me as a family-movie ambassador." "If any director comes along and narrates a rugged story like Animal, we will undoubtedly make such a film," says dil Raju, who is overjoyed with the success of Sandeep reddy Vanga's Animal. The giant distributor launched the film in telugu states through his production firm and met with the press to express his delight.

Dil Raju remarked that Animal is performing exceptionally well and is highly liked by the crowd. He predicted that the film will make approximately 35 crores in its first weekend.

"'Animal's' success represents a shift in the film industry, demonstrating that films are finding success globally, regardless of the lead actor or the language in which they are produced." The box office appears to be developing into a global village, with telugu stars migrating into bollywood and now a bollywood icon making a huge impression here. This trend demonstrates the audience's propensity to embrace any film as long as its substance is intriguing and worth viewing," Raju explained. When asked if he would make a picture like Animal, the producer stated that his bommarillu image may have sent the wrong signal, but he would definitely do such films.

"If there is no problem for the audience to watch them, why would we (filmmakers) have any issue with producing them?" On a last note, he remarked.

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