When OTT became available, the boundaries of film content were completely erased. The movie will be available in world languages. Entertainment is available in the form of subtitles in any language. Recently, it is known that the web series ``Dhoota'' starring naga chaitanya was released on amazon Prime. Suspense thriller directed by vikram kumar is getting good response.

In how many languages is it available?  It is sure to be a surprise. This matter was revealed by the producer Sarath Marar. The series is being shown in 240 countries in 38 languages with subtitles. Sarath Marar said that the work done by the actors and the directors is getting close to the audience in such a wide range. This may be the first time that a telugu series is released in so many countries and in so many languages. 

So far many web series have been made from Tollywood. But no series in this range has entered the market. It can be said that this series introduces a new actor in naga Chaitanya. So far, chaitanya has not played such a role in any movie. This is a web series where he has completely come out of the image frame. 

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