Manchu Manoj recently made a comeback through the talk show "Ustad" and held a press meet to explain his re-entry. During the press meet, a moment of confusion arose when a media representative's mic was taken away. The PROs (Public Relations Officers) intended to provide more journalists with the opportunity to ask questions, considering the dissatisfaction expressed by some journalists about limited participation in the Q&A session.

A media person asked Manoj multiple questions in succession, including one about a reported dispute with his brother Vishnu. Amidst this, the PRO's attempted to distribute the mic to other journalists waiting to ask questions. Manoj initially expressed displeasure at the mic being taken away but eventually addressed the query about the alleged quarrel with his brother by suggesting the journalist inquire with Vishnu.

While the incident caused a momentary confusion, it appears to be a minor issue related to managing the Q&A session. Manoj, known for his cool and composed responses, answered all questions during the press meet. He also shared details about his talk show "Ustad," mentioning that the show is focused on celebrities playing games and aims to contribute the earnings from it to the fans. The reality show features stars like Nani, ravi Teja, and Adivi Shesh. As Manoj embraces the OTT platform with his talk show, the audience will be eager to see the response and craze generated by his comeback.

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