KWK 8: Katrina's family was impressed by Vicky's style, even after living together, the proposal came a day before the marriage.

Season eight of karan Johar's popular chat show 'Koffee with Karan' is creating a stir among the fans. In this show, karan johar celebs are seen doing interesting gossip and now something similar is seen happening in the eighth season of the show. From Kareena-Alia to Sunny Deol-Bobby Deol, everyone is seen making many revelations in the show. After siddharth and varun created a stir in the last episode, a new episode has come out.

In the seventh episode of Karan's show, kiara and vicky kaushal were seen sitting on the couch. Both the stars have made many revelations related to personal and professional life. Vicky shared what name his wife and actress katrina kaif call him at home and when and how he proposed to his wife Katrina. Apart from this, actor sam Bahadur has made many interesting revelations.

When the host of 'Koffee with Karan' asked him when did he propose to Katrina? Vicky shyly revealed that a day before the wedding, he had proposed to katrina on his knees in the hotel. The actor said, 'I proposed to her on my knees in the hotel a day before the wedding before my friends and family arrived. Everyone warned me that if you don't propose, you have to be prepared to listen for the rest of your life.'

Karan Johar asked Vicky by what name does your wife call you? Responding to this, the actor said that katrina calls him by three names. Vicky said, 'Katrina calls me three names. Often she calls me 'baby, baby, and aye'. Hearing his answer, both karan and kiara started laughing loudly.

Vicky also told how he impressed Katrina's family before marriage. The actor told that he met Katrina's siblings and mother for the first time just a week before the wedding when he came to Mumbai. Vicky said, 'I met Katrina's family a week before the wedding when they came to Mumbai. I had impressed his family using my dancing talent. My dancing was praised a lot.

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