Currently Hi Nanna is enjoying the success of natural star Nani. Till yesterday, he was very tired in eMovie promotions. In this episode, a news related to Nani's fitness is going viral on social media. So what is the matter..? natural star nani is very natural in movies, outside. Simple.. no big rush. He is not fit, not health, not glamorous. Except for minor changes.. there are no major changes in Nani. nani is like our boy next door. And how does he maintain himself so fit? How does she maintain her glamor without going to the gym heavily? Recently, nani made some interesting comments about his fitness. In an interview he was asked a question about fitness.

Talking about fitness.. nani said that the body should not be tortured. He said he was always working. He said that if you stay up and don't work, it will definitely cause you to gain weight. He said that he would not say that he would eat anything. Because being a hero means making some sacrifices. He says that people he knows stop eating in the name of diet and gain weight again after a few days. He said that this is happening because they are torturing the body. It is said that the body gets used to what we eat from childhood.

The food we eat from childhood is set right for our body. It is better to continue the same.. For example, if you are used to eating the pastries cooked by your mother at home, you can eat them, but you should not overeat them. He said that eating meals at home every day.. If you suddenly eat salads in one day, your body cannot tolerate it. It is explained that the body will not be ready. He said he understood that. nani says that one can eat anything, but if one eats too much, no matter how much one likes one's food, one should be in control.

The natural star recently came before the audience with the movie Hi Nanna. The movie is garnering positive talk. Everyone who saw it said it was good. Team dil is happy with that. Mrinal Thakur acted as the heroine in this movie and directed by Shouryap. The movie was released in 5 languages in pan india range.. nani also went to America for promotions along with India.

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