To bring Hyderabad's progress to the public's attention, the then-ruling telangana party, BRS, enlisted the commercial backing of several instagram influencers such as Ashu reddy and others. These social media personalities have posted numerous videos about kcr and KTR's growth plans, which have received millions of views. But here's the catch.

All of these social media celebrities are believed to have been startled when the congress party won the election with the necessary majority. Fearing backlash from their social media following, several of these influencers have erased the videos they made for the BRS party. After seeing the results, many like Ashu reddy erased (or may have hidden) the reels and shorts from their various social media profiles.

Things would have been much easier if they had included a notice like "this is a promotional video." However, these influencers have crafted those films as if they are doing it out of love for the past rulers, rather than for the large sums of money they are given. On the other side, numerous media outlets that supported other parties are now in shock with the advent of the congress party into power, fearing that the ruling class will now witchhunt them.

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