Raju was stubborn. There was passion...his life was like the songs written by Shailendra. That’s why amidst the

glare of celluloid, he was successful in saying, Son, don’t lie, you have to go to God, there is neither an elephant

nor a horse, you have to go there on foot. Despite being clumsy, he earned crores of rupees. Was successful in

making people understand that Don’t be afraid of the stars in the sky dear, if you don’t lose courage, you will be


Yes, here we are talking about the great personality of hindi cinema, raj Kapoor. Who is also known as

Showman. raj Kapoor's cinema does not merely provide entertainment. That sounds like a mission. Who talks

about powerless women. He openly portrays social evils on screen. Attacks organized crime. Creates a new

definition of romance, in which love is not a physical but a spiritual feeling. raj kapoor was truly a genius.

Whose aim was to empower cinema and improve the lives of those who watch it. It is about 1960. After

independence, a new problem started spreading in the country. The government also started getting worried about

this. This problem was the rise of dacoits in hindi speaking states. Within no time, many gangs of dacoits in Uttar

Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, bihar etc. became a challenge to law and order. Then it was raj Kapoor

who was standing with the camera in front of the gun. To surrender the dacoits, he made the film Jis Desh Mein

Ganga Behti Hai. Whose widespread impact was seen.

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