According to sources it is known that lokesh kanagaraj turned the audience towards him with the cinematic universe. prashant Neel, the director who recently directed Salaar, shared his opinion on LCU. kollywood director lokesh kanagaraj (Lokesh Kanagaraj) made a few films but made sure that the success rate was high. Along with 'Khaidi' and 'Vikram', lokesh introduced the cinematic universe. This made him very interested in his upcoming movies. social media has taken a break now. Next focused on Thalaiva171. On this occasion, he said that he will not be available to anyone for a few days.

Meanwhile now wherever you look, Salaar is sounding like a charm. Pan india star prabhas (Prabhas) fans seem to be buzzing. On the other hand, interesting news is also appearing about Prashanth Neel. But some of the words he spoke in the promotions became viral. Especially when everyone thinks that prashant Neel has created a cinematic universe with 'KGF' and 'Salaar', in a recent interview he clarified that it is not the same.

KGF and Salaar are two different worlds. He said that he did not create the cinematic universe. In this sequence, lokesh kanagaraj also spoke on the Cinematic Universe (LCU). lokesh kanagaraj was the first to create a cinematic universe in India. They said that making a cinematic universe is a very difficult task. I am not paying attention to it right now. And Rajamouli's way of filming the drama is amazing and he said that he likes it.

Today, Salaar Cease fire came to the audience all over the world. prabhas is falling in love with Vishwarupa. Looks like excellent talk throughout. Reviews were also raved about. It became interesting to see how much the first day collections were collected in this order. shruti haasan is the star heroine in this film. prithviraj Sukumaran, Jagapathi Babu, Shriya Reddy, Tinnu Anand, eswari rao played key roles.

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