Bollywood star vicky kaushal has told an interesting news about himself after six years. He said that he locked himself in the room for five days. Why so? bollywood star vicky kaushal is currently doing a series of films in Hindi. Recently, king Khan played a key role in Shah Rukh Khan star director Rajkumar Hirani's 'Dunki' movie Dunki. Khushi is delighting the audience with her performance. As part of this movie promotions, Vicky has been attending many interviews since the beginning. Currently the movie is running successfully in theaters. But in recent interviews, vicky kaushal has told an interesting point about himself and the films he does. Raman Raghavan 2.0 Raman Raghavan 2.0 from vicky kaushal in 2016. vicky kaushal talks about the tough workouts she went through for the film. The film stars ACP Raghavan 'Raghav' Singh as Umbi. But the character said that he locked himself in the house for five days to express his emotions to Taluk.

But he said that he did not talk about the exercises he did. He explained that we should do things that we don't do in regular life and think like that character. vicky kaushal is very devoted to his films and can be understood with these comments. Vicky is currently acting in films like 'Mere Mehboob Mere Sanam'. It is known that vicky kaushal is the husband of bollywood star heroine Katrina Kaif. In 2021, both of them got married.

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