Tollywood actor Agudi Sesh and shruti haasan are acting together in a movie. Recently the title teaser of this movie has been released. It is interesting how lovers can become enemies. Agudi Sesh and shruti haasan are acting together in a movie. It was announced recently. Recently the title was announced. The title teaser is amazing. A different title was decided for it. Decided as ``dacoit''. It is special to put ``a love story'' as the caption. And the related title teaser is impressive.

In the title teaser some people are dead and scattered in heavy bomb blasting. From among them, the wild Sesh stood up. Before he could recover, he heard a thud. A lady got up in the distance. She is shruti Haasan. The forest comes to shoot Sesh with a gun. Shesh is coming to see her. The two faced each other. They were surprised to see each other. Moreover, guns were loaded and they shot at the end.

But in this teaser, in the background Juliet.. How many days will it take us to be together, the voice of the wild Sesh was heard. Shruti's voice said, "Not together, but separately." Do I really remember? He said, Shesh said that he has not forgotten your deception, but what about me now? When asked X, shruti says it was once. And now what? Do you want to grow up? A thief? Am I the villain? Asking 'Tell me who am I', the teaser ends with the two shooting.

The title teaser of 'Dacoit' is interesting throughout. Raises expectations on the film. It is known that this is going to be a new love story. It is known that this couple who once fell in love and got married will later break up due to cheating and become sworn enemies. And who is the police in this? It became interesting who the thief was. Directed by Shaneel Deo, the film is produced by supriya Yarlagadda. Produced by SS Creations, sunil Narang Productions. Presented by annapurna Studios. It is said that the shooting of this film will start soon in telugu and Hindi.

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