Poonam Pandey: ram gopal varma came in support of poonam pandey amid trolling, people got angry over his statement

Model-actress poonam pandey spread false news of her death yesterday. However, today it was revealed that Poonam had done this for a PR stunt. From celebrities to audiences, everyone is upset with poonam pandey dramatizing her death in the name of cervical cancer awareness. However, recently filmmaker ram Gopal praised the actress and came out in her support amid the protests.

Where tv actors and social media personalities are criticizing poonam pandey for calling her death fake. Meanwhile, on Saturday, ram gopal varma reacted to the criticism of the actress on X. Also praised the actress's intentions behind this big step. The filmmaker wrote in his tweet, 'Hello poonam pandey, the extreme method you have adopted to draw attention to this issue may attract some criticism, but no one can question your intentions.'

Ram Gopal varma further wrote in the post, 'Nor can anyone question what you have achieved through this deception. Discussion on cervical cancer is going on everywhere now. Your soul is as beautiful as you are. Wish you a long and happy life. This post of ram gopal varma became popular on social media as soon as it came out, and users are giving different reactions to it.

Reacting to ram Gopal Varma's post, a user wrote, 'Come back to your senses RGV.' Another wrote, 'Many ways to create awareness, but poonam pandey this is not right.' While another writes, 'This is a shameful act, do not support it.'

Yesterday, a post was made from Poonam Pandey's instagram account, in which it was written that the actress had passed away due to cervical cancer. However, on Saturday, the actress shared a video of herself denying the news and added in her statement, 'I'm sorry I caused these tears and I'm sorry to those I hurt. I want to surprise everyone in the conversation. We're not talking enough about it, which is cervical cancer. Yes! I faked my demise...extreme I know...but suddenly we're all talking about cervical cancer, right? This is a disease that silently takes your life, and this disease urgently needs to come into the limelight. I am proud of what the news of my death has achieved.

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