Kangana Ranaut: kangana described the attitude of the 'Animal' director as manly, said - 'Never give me any role otherwise...'

Renowned director Sandeep reddy is known for films like Vanga Animal and Kabir Singh. His last film ranbir kapoor starrer Animal was released. The film was a success at the box office. This film received a lot of appreciation from the audience. However, this film also had to face severe criticism for showing weak female characters. Actress kangana ranaut also criticized the film. Now Sandeep's reaction regarding this has come to light.

Sandeep reddy Vanga has praised kangana ranaut and her work during a recent conversation. Also expressed his desire to work with Kangana. During the conversation with Vanga, he was asked whether he wanted to work with Kangana. Responding to this, the director said, 'If I get a chance and I feel that she will fit into it, then I will go and narrate the story.'

He further said, 'I have seen many of his films. I liked his acting performance in queen and many other movies. So if she is giving any negative comment about 'Animal', I have no objection. I don't even get angry because I have seen his work. I do not mind.'

Kangana's reply to this reaction of Animal's director has come to the fore. He shared a post and wrote, 'Review and criticism are not the same, every kind of art should be reviewed and discussed, it is a normal thing. The way sandeep Ji showed respect to me by smiling at my review, it can be said that he not only makes manly films, but his attitude is also manly, thank you, sir.

He further wrote, 'But please don't ever give me any role, otherwise, your alpha male heroes will become feminists and then your films will also flop, you make blockbusters, the film industry needs you.'

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