In the era of wallet PLATFORM' target='_blank' title='digital-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>digital marketing, social media platforms and microblogging pages account for the majority of the film's popularity. As a result, a number of new trends emerged, such as the widespread production of posters for social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and X. Additionally, hashtags help keep all of these messages cohesive, which inspired the creation of fresh, imaginative terms to advertise films.

Following the release of "Baahubali 1," the hashtag #WhyKattappaKilledBaahubali? became very popular. SS rajamouli took use of this opportunity to heavily promote his upcoming film. #WKKB turned into a craze that elevated Baahubali 2 to a new height. Simultaneously, upon the release of Pushpa, the hashtag #TaggedheLe became popular. Similar to this, rajamouli began using the popular hashtag #RRR to promote his most recent film, RRR, before deciding to use this working title as the official title of their production. We now learn that rajamouli is brainstorming hashtag ideas with his idol, Superstar Mahesh.

Rajamouli's followers are adding the director's name to the picture, while Mahesh admirers are dubbing it #SSMB29. Nevertheless, it's rumoured that Mahesh and rajamouli are both working on a unique project similar to #MR01 and others that would not only astound viewers but also greatly boost the movie's popularity online. We must wait and see what they decide.

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