Pradeep Antony: pradeep Antony has become a hugely popular actor among the fans despite being thrown out of the bigg boss show with a red card.

The seventh season of bigg boss has ended with more twists than any year so far. Host archana has been declared the winner of this season of Bigg Boss. Similarly, pradeep Antony was evicted from this bigg boss show by giving a red card.

It is noteworthy that the world hero Kamal gave him a red card and kicked him out of the bigg boss house after the other contestants said that he might be a danger to the women inside the bigg boss house. However, after leaving the bigg boss show, he was not involved in any major matters.

But many of his fans continue to inspire him, noting that actor pradeep Antony has already acted in Gavin's Tata and a few other films. In this case, many expected him to leave bigg boss and start his career as a director.

But now he has released an information regarding his commitment to a new film. In a twitter post published by him, I am committed to acting in a new film this year. pradeep Antony is happily saying that he received around nine lakh rupees in cash before that.

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