While many people are wondering who is the woman who will marry actor naga chaitanya, the information about this has been revealed.

After naga Chaitanya's divorce with actress samantha, both have been focusing on their careers. Now the news about their second marriage is going viral. At least it wasn't answered. But the news is still there.

Both naga chaitanya and samantha acted in the film Eya maya Savale, then secretly fell in love and got married in 2017 after pacifying the two families. After only three years of marriage, samantha ended their relationship heartbroken.

Known as the cutest couple of Tollywood, the couple has kept their internal conflicts under wraps. It can be said that this gave a big shock to the fans. After the divorce, they got busy with their separate lives.

In this case, a news related to naga chaitanya is going viral on social media. It is said that naga Chaitanya's father, nagarjuna, was ready to give him a second marriage. nagarjuna has chosen a good girl.

That girl was none other than that. Nagarjuna's cousin.

It seems that all the arrangements for the wedding have been made. After his divorce with samantha, naga chaitanya is dating a heroine.

It was rumored that Saithu was dating Bollywood's established telugu actress Sobitha Thulipala. Apart from that, the photo of them having a dinner date abroad was also released and created a stir. social media is still buzzing about Samantha's second marriage soon.

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