Riot caused due to Tamannaah's dance..!?

It is usual for celebrities to stage music and art shows from time to time with their talent. Similarly, AR rahman concert was held recently. But it caused a huge problem as many fans got stuck in the crowd and suffered. Similarly, there was a huge riot at a music show held in Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka, a concert was organized with the participation of singer Hariharan at the Yardveli ground next to Jaffna. This program is organized by actor Ramba's husband Indrakumar. Actresses Tamannaah, aishwarya Rajesh, yogi Babu, and bala and choreographers Kala and Sandy master are participating in this.
Also, 50000 people have come to witness this event. The fans, who were quiet at the beginning, danced very attractively. Especially when the Kavala song is played, the fans try to push each other while dancing. As a result, the concert turned into a war zone with the unruly crowd beating everyone who had come to see them. All this is because proper security is not set up and the place is not properly arranged for the people. Initially, they said that the admission was free, but when they said that there was a Tamanna dance, they took money from the people. But the situation has worsened to the point where there is caning as there is no suitable model.It has become clear that Tamannaah's glamor dance and her bad attire are the cause of all the trouble. As a result, the program was stopped midway. Also, 3 people were injured and admitted to the hospital. The police arrested 6 people and took them to the police station.

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