This Is The Best Action I've Done In My Life: vidyut jammwal On Crakk

Actor vidyut jammwal says his fans will see him perform his career-best stunts in the upcoming film "Crakk".

Actor vidyut jammwal says his fans will see him perform his career-best stunts in the upcoming film "Crakk" Jammwal said director Aditya Datt and co-stars arjun Rampal, Nora Fatehi, and amy jackson have gone out of their way to mount the movie.

The actor, who has created an identity as an action hero, said Datt's confidence in him encouraged him to push the envelope. They previously collaborated on "Commando 3". You'll see everyone doing their best. This is the best action I've done in my life... In 'Crakk', I enjoyed working with these people. Aditya is a friend of mine, I like the way he thinks. He sees me as Superman, he thinks I can do well. That's what makes me push my bar.

"There are times when he sends me videos of crazy people believing I'll do it. Then you see them in the movie, that means I've done it. I love people around me like that who are completely unhinged. Then I get to work with people who are self-made, really passionate, they give more than they have been asked to give," Jammwal told PTI in an interview here.

"Crakk" follows the journey of a man named Siddhu (Jammwal) from the slums of mumbai to the world of extreme underground sports.

The 43-year-old actor was all praise for his co-stars.

"It was a great experience working with Nora. I love the passion she comes with. She has a massive following. She inspires people. But she still wants to push the bar. This is a great help to the producer or actor. The same is the case with Amy.

"Arjun is amazing, he is the producer, director, and actor. He will do everything you want him to do. You want him to be a stuntman, he'll be a stuntman. When you get this lucky, you start believing in god and everything else," he added. Jammwal, who has also backed the film via his banner Action hero Films, said he has enjoyed his journey as a producer so far. "IB71" (2023) was his first project as a producer.

"I keep them separate. When it comes to being an actor, I do all my stunts. I don't want to listen to the producer or director. But when I'm the producer, I get the opportunity to do whatever I want to do or make my actor do what I want to do. So I do everything I want to do as a producer. I've enjoyed the journey a lot," he said.

"Crakk" will hit the screens on february 23.

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