Sushant Singh Rajput: After Sushant's death, sister Shweta still talks to him, and narrates a shocking story.

Bollywood actor sushant singh rajput said goodbye to this world on 14 june 2020. It's been more than three years since the actor's death, but fans still remember him. The actor's sister Shweta Singh kirti often remembers him and also shares posts for him on social media. Shweta recently shared her spiritual experiences during a podcast. She said that she does meditation and keeps visiting religious places. Also, while revealing about his late brother Sushant, he said that he was also a great devotee of Mahadev. While sharing her spiritual experiences, Shweta made a shocking revelation about Sushant. She said that even today she feels Sushant around her.

While talking about meditation in the podcast, Shweta said that if someone leaves us, we miss them a lot and in such a situation, if we meditate, they come in our dreams. Talking about this, Shweta shared an anecdote related to Sushant. She said that she still feels Sushant around her. Shweta said that about one and a half years after Sushant's death, something happened that made us feel that brother was here with us.

While sharing the incident, Shweta said that once I had forgotten to keep my AirPods somewhere and I searched for them everywhere, but I could not find them. I got worried, then I felt that my brother was whispering something in my ear. I heard his voice like he said go and look behind the curtain of the window, there your AirPods are kept and when I looked there I found my AirPods, then suddenly I got scared and I asked brother is this something scary Not there? I can hear you, feel you, then brother said no, I am not physically present there, but I can stay connected to you like this and talk.

Shweta said that after this incident she often started feeling for her brother. She said that Sushant often started doing such things when I went somewhere in the car, suddenly his songs started playing or whenever I did aarti and bhajan, suddenly the song of Shivji from his film 'Kedarnath' started playing on TV. Once it happened that I was under a lot of stress for my exams and started reading a lot of books. During that time, I used to do a lot of meditation to keep myself calm, even then I felt that my brother came and told me not to influence my mind so much and not to remain stressed.

While sharing these things, Shweta said that there are many such stories, and to date Sushant and I are connected. Our childhood also passed like this. Our relationship was very good. We used to have a lot of fun with each other. Brother is a pure soul and powerful also. If Sushant wants to tell you that he is present around you, then he will keep doing something or the other, which will make you feel that you can feel him. Shweta also said that when Sushant died, I felt that my brother's soul was restless for a year, but while meditating, I saw in my dream that now my brother is with Lord shiva in Kailash and is happy. They are watching all of us.

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