Samantha opens up about the year she separated from Chaitu...!?

There is a saying that even if you are stoned, you should not wink. It's just perfect for the beauty queen Samantha. Born in an ordinary family in Chennai, samantha came to the cinema and became the daughter-in-law of the nagarjuna family, the richest family in the telugu world. But the surprise is that even after leaving that family, she reached the highest peak in telugu cinema. It was only after her marriage to naga chaitanya that samantha brought out another dimension in her acting. Not only that, samantha who paid more attention to her body structure, the videos of her working out in the gym made the young heroines tremble. After her divorce, when samantha thinks that her job is empty, she proved that there is no end to her by dancing in the movie Pushpa.
Samantha, who had started a kingdom of her own, was struck by a strange disease called myositis. Even when samantha announced that she was afflicted with the disease, 99 percent of people knew nothing about it. To tell the truth, it was because of samantha that the outside world began to know about the existence of such a disease. samantha is still fighting the disease to this day. samantha, who had taken a break for treatment abroad, had announced on her social media page that she had started acting again. Not only that, she also announced on instagram that she is starting a health podcast. samantha, who continues to talk to her fans through this, has now recently shared what kind of year it was for her after her breakup with naga Chaitanya.She says that this year has been very difficult for her and she remembers saying that when she was going to mumbai with a friend, she said that now she feels relaxed, she can breathe better and she will focus better on her work from now on. And she says that for one year she was without peace and did not even sleep properly. Earlier while speaking to her fans, samantha said that not knowing what her likes and dislikes were was the biggest mistake she made in her life. samantha has been indirectly saying in her interviews that her life with naga chaitanya was very difficult.

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