About the wedding of actor Vijayakumar's granddaughter, Diya... Anita vijayakumar is happy by posting photos of unforgettable moments.


Legendary actor Vijayakumar's second daughter Dr. Anitha Vijayakumar's daughter diya got married yesterday at a beach resort in Mahabalipuram, Chennai.

Anita vijayakumar looked after everything from haldi, mehendi, wedding party and reception to make her daughter look beautiful.

Since the end of the marriage, about 8 months... Diya-Dhillan has held the wedding with various dreams of how each should be in the wedding.

Also in Diya's wedding, many celebrities including actor Prabhu, Rajinikanth, Sneha, etc. have attended and congratulated the bride and groom.

Similarly, from the vijayakumar family, maternal uncle Arun Vijay, his wife, children, Preeta Hari, Sridevi, Kavita, and their children were married. netizens also pointed out that Vanitha was not present at this wedding.

While Diya's wedding has been completed in a grand manner, she has posted a post about this wedding with great enthusiasm and has also shared some photos. 7

In this my dream has been remembered. My princess got married very well as she wished. Thanks to all the program gurus and its members who have planned a lot for the last 8 months and executed it well without any problem.

Kudos to the team for going through every detail and making this wedding a grand success. Thanks to the team behind the incredible variety of decorations, every occasion is filled with beauty and class.

We will miss your team forever. Also thanks to the crew for their hospitality and amazing food. "Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the kind hearted people, friends and family who were with us on this beautiful occasion," she posted.

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