While AV Raju, who was dismissed from the AIADMK, spoke in a manner that spread defamation against actresses including actress trisha, the South indian Film workers Federation has issued a statement condemning AV Raju.

RK Selvamani has said in a statement about this, "On today's social media, AV Raju, who was expelled from the All india Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam, has spoken some vulgar and slanderous things about the film industry. Actress trisha has said a slander by implicating him in the race to capture the ruling power in Couvatur in 2017. Not only that, but also many actresses and actor karunas has released this humiliating message.

They may have various reasons for attacking each other in politics. But we request that you don't needlessly make baseless accusations and slurs on the women of the film industry in your political issue.

South indian Film workers Federation strongly condemns such indecent and degrading act.

From panchayat Chairman, assembly Member, to Murmu as the President of the Republic of india, we earnestly appeal to the Central and State Governments to stamp out this type of slanderous attack on women and their femininity with an iron fist. Secretary swaminathan has given this statement.

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