Information about the put condition of producer and actor Jackie Bagnani, who is going to marry rahul Preet Singh, has come out.


Celebrity weddings are turning out to be the most watched. So.... celebrities also make it a habit to choose the best of everything they can.


In that way, rahul Preet Singh, who has been dating producer and actor Jackie Bagnani for the past few years, is going to marry him on february 21. Their wedding is going to take place in Goa... at a place surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Some secret information about this marriage has now been released. And Jackie Bagnani has done all this by conditioning the family of rahul Preet Singh that there should be no changes in these matters.


Rakul Preet Singh's lover Jackie Bagnani, who is very keen on environmental protection, even sent his wedding invitation digitally without any pollution.

It is said that Jackie Bagnani, who has banned the celebration of marriage by bursting firecrackers, has arranged to do good things like planting trees instead. It is also said that there is a plan to provide plants and seeds to those who come to the wedding.


They have also informed that even the food served to the guests will be gluten free and sugar free. They also exchange healthy foods with their relatives. It should also be noted that this includes traditional foods.

True to their menu and principles, rahul Preet Singh and Jackie Bagnani's wedding will be held at an eco-friendly venue in Goa. It is noteworthy that following the information released about their green wedding, many are expressing their surprise.

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