As far as the film industry is concerned, there is never a dearth of controversies. Any slander and secret things about actors, actresses, music composers, producers, are published like wild fire on social media.

Actor Ranganathan has created a stir by talking about music composer Deena. In other words, in the recently held musicians' election, Deena, who was already the president twice...contested for the third time in violation of the union rules. music composer ilayaraja, gangai amaran and many others expressed their objections to his decision.

Similarly, music director Sabesan, the younger brother of musician Theral Deva, who contested against Deena, filed a case in the supreme court that the elections scheduled to be held last year should not take place, and ordered an interim injunction. In this case, Sabesan, who contested against Deena in the recent elections for musicians, won by a margin of 70 votes. Dina failed miserably. Currently, Bailwan Ranganathan has criticized this and Deena's personal life on social media.

It means that Deena is already involved in illegal activities and ilayaraja was giving huge amount to build the Sangh building. But he did not give it to Dina because her actions were not right. Even gangai amaran has spoken to the extent of spitting on Deena. The reason is because of his work.

Deena is badass not only in film life but also in real life. Mataki married the girl who came to play Veena for him. Now they have a daughter. But she did not like Dina's actions and left him. After that, he wrapped a Muslim woman who came to ask him for a chance and kept him with him. Deena lives as a woman in the morning...a woman at night. He has created a sensation by saying that he is very bad in the matter of Pombalinga

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