Film critic Bailwan Ranganathan has spoken about actress meena in a YouTube channel.

Meena made her debut as a child star in actor sivaji Ganesan's Nenchangal. Following this, he acted as a child star in several films starring sivaji Ganesan. Rajinikanth rose to fame at an early age with the film Anupulla.

Later she made her debut as a heroine in Rajkiran's N Rasa's Manasile. Following this, meena became a leading actress in the 90s. He committed to acting in films in many languages including Tamil, Telugu, Kannada.

Later, Neinga won the hearts of fans by acting in many films like Ejamaan, Muthu, Natama, Sethupathi IPS, Avvai Shanmukhi, Bharti Kannamma, Ponkekalam, Vetrikkodi Kattu, Vanatathi Bol, Ritham, Ananda Parkote, Citizen.

Meena married vidyasagar from Bengaluru in 2009. The couple has a daughter named Nainika. She acted as Vijay's daughter in Vijay's Theri. Meanwhile, Meena's husband passed away due to ill health in 2022. Due to this, Meena, who was distressed, did not come out for a while and now she has started appearing in the media.

In this situation, film critic Bailwan Ranganathan has spoken about actress meena on a YouTube channel. Speaking at that time, he said, "If the actors asked for an interview before, they would say that they will be in that studio and come and take it. But now they are negotiating that they will give you any amount of money if you ask for an interview.

Recently meena was interviewed by a YouTube company. He has asked how much it will take and how much you will pay. The channel has said that 2 hours is enough for that. meena said that 2 hours means 13 lakh rupees.

The YouTube company also interviewed him by paying Rs 13 lakh for his channel to grow further. Participant has questioned whether to ask so much money for an interview

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