Trisha's true character is revealed in the recent film..!?

Since yesterday, Trisha's stuff has been blowing up on social media. salem ADMK Union Secretary AV Raju has released a video of trisha being defamed. In response to this, trisha condemned it and said that she would approach this legally. Also, while some celebrities have come to support trisha, the party secretary has apologized for the video posted. However, if you have a mouth, you can talk to anyone and anything. Will everything be alright if we say everything and apologize at the end? So trisha must respond to this accusation.
Following this, the director of the movie Road has shared something about Trisha. Last year, The Road was released as a crime thriller directed by Arun Vashikaran. One of the shootings happened in Madurai. When he came to know that trisha was shooting there, the local councilor wanted to see trisha and take a photo. For that, in the evening, the counselor went to the shooting spot with the gang. He has been waiting for a whole day to see Trisha. Then to the director of the film, trisha, Madam, they are all politicians.He is saying that he has been waiting for a long time to take a photo. If trisha takes a photo with a politician, it will be misused. She keeps away saying that even they should never touch. Even when trisha asked if she could take a photo, she refused. Such a trisha would definitely not have gone to Koovathur. The director of the film Arun Vashikaran has said that this is the work they are doing to empty the image of Trisha. Besides being an actress, this is seen as an insult to a woman. So many people are expressing opinions that the punishment for this should be given to him legally.

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