kangana ranaut often remains in the headlines for her outspokenness and statements. She is seen speaking openly on every issue ranging from B-Town to the world of politics. The actress is usually seen speaking about nepotism. This time kangana has taken twinkle khanna to task and lashed out at her claiming nepotism.

Actually, kangana ranaut has reacted to Twinkle Khanna's statement comparing men with polythene bags. Sharing a clip of Twinkle Khanna's old interview on Instagram, kangana wrote - 'What are these privileged people who call their men polythene bags, are they trying to be cool?'

'I got a film career on a platter of gold'

kangana further wrote - 'Nepo children born with a silver spoon got a film career on a plate of gold, but they could not do justice to it at all, even the selfishness of motherhood is not happiness and complete for them but in their case it is a Seems like a curse. What do they really want to be? Vegetables? Is this feminism?

What is the matter?

twinkle khanna was asked in an old interview how she realized that she was a feminist. On this, Twinkle had told that her mother dimple kapadia taught her while growing up that women do not need men. Twinkle said, 'We never talked about feminism or equality or anything. But it was very clear that a man was not needed at all.

'If you had a plastic bag...'

Twinkle had said, 'It would be great to have a man, like you would have a nice handbag. But still if you had a plastic bag it would work. So I grew up with this concept and for a long time I felt that there was no special need for them.

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