Bollywood Celebs: Like Kareena, these bollywood celebs also ignored each other, know who they are?

When do bollywood relationships become friendly and when do they turn sour? Nothing is known. Perhaps this is the reason why such videos or photos often go viral in which actors are seen ignoring each other. Recently, on the occasion of the dadasaheb phalke International Film festival Awards, bollywood actress kareena kapoor ignored actor shahid Kapoor. She did not talk to shahid, she talked to the person standing next to him and moved ahead. This is not the first time this has happened. Before this, many celebrities have openly ignored each other.

Once upon a time, there was a lot of discussion about the affair of kareena kapoor and shahid kapoor in mumbai city. Then both of them broke up and they moved ahead in their lives and got married. Just a few days ago, Kareena ignored shahid as if she did not know him. Now only she knows why Bebo did this or whether it happened unknowingly to her, but shahid must certainly have felt bad about this. Kareena and shahid came face to face during the recently held dadasaheb phalke International Film festival Awards, but Kareena ignored him and moved ahead. This video of his is also becoming quite viral.

The biggest personalities of bollywood had participated in a puja program organized by the Ambani family. Not only bollywood stars, but famous stars of the South and also stalwarts of the political world had reached here. Shraddha Kapoor and rashmika mandanna also attended the same event. Here Shraddha Kapoor also turned away after seeing Rashmika. It seemed as if both of them had no acquaintance with each other. Then speculations started that Shraddha could not tolerate the tag of Rashmika's national crush. Now the reason may not be like this but it started being said that when Shraddha ignored him. Later Shraddha was also trolled for this.

Some time ago, janhvi kapoor and Shehnaz Gill were present at an event. Actress pooja hegde was also here. Janhvi talked to pooja but did not talk to Shehnaz sitting near her. He completely ignored Shehnaz. Shehnaaz even looked at him from time to time, but she felt that she was being ignored from the other side. In such a situation, she also sat back and started enjoying the event. If we talk about Shehnaz Gill, today his name needs no introduction in Bollywood. He also created a special identity for himself by participating in Bigg Boss. Shehnaaz also got a lot of fame through punjabi albums.

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