Has anyone heard "Aah Kurchini Madatha Petti" speak before? The response you claim to have heard many thousand times, correct? The way power star pawan kalyan plans to exploit this discourse is attracting more attention than the way it was originally intended.
Later, we'll discuss it, but first, let's examine why pawan kalyan is so well-known for this exchange.
We watch a lot of reels and short films on social media, of course, but one of them says, "I took a folding iron chair to our house and hit it, and the neck broke."

That conversation became so widespread that mahesh babu and Trivikram's performance in guntur Kaaram included it.

Everyone is aware of this. Although at first, there were a lot of haters when this song was unveiled. However, some who made fun of this on social media genuinely found great enjoyment in the song when they saw it in a theatre.
This song was repeatedly listened to, especially by the family audience. Aside from that, the gym instructor used this song during a Zumba dance class at a fitness facility in America.
When some individuals suggested that a song like this ought to be submitted for an Oscar, they were trolling themselves.

To go straight to the point, what would happen if power star pawan kalyan used the phrase that has been rapidly becoming viral? If he delivers a speech containing this discussion in public, we can't begin to grasp the scope of his madness.

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