After the trailer, anticipation for the upcoming movie "Crew" has reached new heights. The first look poster of the amazing cast, which stars Tabu, kareena kapoor, and Kriti Sanon, was published today, february 23. With their glitzy demeanor as three fierce air hostesses, the trio is ready to provide an intense dosage of entertainment and take us straight into our hearts.
These formidable talents, who are performing together for the first time, promise to light up the screen. These breathtakingly beautiful women's first posters say it all. The fans have been eagerly awaiting further information about the upcoming movie ever since the teaser. And now that the first poster has been released, excitement for further images from the movie is through the roof.

The director of "Crew" is Rajesh A. Krishnan. anil kapoor Film and Communications Network and balaji Telefilms are the ones financing it. The movie, which opens on march 29, is scheduled to compete with prithviraj Sukumaran's "Aadujeevitham," which opens on march 28.

Buckle up, ladies and gentlemen—the original team is here. Naturally, we're referring about the trailer for the movie Crew, which stars Kriti Sanon, Tabu, and kareena kapoor in the key parts. Bonus: kapil sharma and Diljit Dosanjh. Tabu's voiceover opens the teaser, alerting the passengers that it will be too intense for them to take. Three air hostesses, kareena kapoor, Tabu, and kareena kapoor, arrive and set to kill it both on the ground and in the air. Their voyage is full of upheaval (with a dash of fun, naturally). kareena kapoor says, "This is my area," once. kriti sanon is intrigued and says, "What's that," That would be "crime."

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