The highly anticipated global release of Superstar Mahesh and renowned filmmaker SS Rajamouli's magnum opus, set to release in a few months, is one of the most talked-about forthcoming tollywood flicks. Here's an intriguing teaser for the movie, which KL Narayana is producing in style.

Rajamouli is reportedly excited to collaborate with a top hollywood company on the film so that it may have significant international distribution and visibility. Leading OTT streaming behemoth Netflix is rumored to have offered to work with at this point. According to reports, the Netflix team recently met with mahesh babu and SS rajamouli to allow them to work together on the massive project.

If Netflix decides to join forces, there will likely be extensive promotion for the film in hollywood circles, and the english version of the film may have a major global release. If rumors are to be believed, rajamouli has not yet responded to these requests from Netflix.
 The film starring mahesh babu and rajamouli would be co-produced by Netflix, rumour has it.

With the help of Netflix, Rajamouli—who has already gained a great deal of acclaim internationally—will have a tremendous opportunity to hone his filmmaking abilities even further. We all know how very well-received rrr was when it was made available on Netflix. After being streamed on Netflix, the movie went on to become a worldwide sensation and even win a coveted Oscar. rrr brought in a tonne of views for Netflix, the OTT giant.

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