The greatest hit in Ram's career is iSmart Shankar. Double iSmart, the follow-up to puri Jagannadh's film, is now under development. When the sequel was first revealed, the producers declared that it would be out for maha Shivaratri on march 8. But the film has now been rescheduled. The movie's developers are planning to release it on june 14th, even though they haven't announced the date yet. They will have plenty of time to promote the film. They have only issued a handful of posters thus far.
In this big-budget action film, where sanjay dutt plays a pivotal part, ram pothineni sports a never-before-seen mass appearance. puri jagan, who suffered greatly from the box office failure of his previous movie, Liger, which starred Vijay Devarakonda, is currently preparing for a resurgence. The gifted filmmaker is slated to direct a follow-up to his hugely successful film Ismart Shankar, starring ram Pothineni.

The movie's script is almost finished, and production is expected to begin in october 2023. Given puri jagan and ram Pothineni's prior experience working together on Ismart Shankar, their cooperation has already generated excitement. Rumour has it that Shraddha Kapoor, the bollywood actress, has been cast in one of the main roles. HIT 2 star Meenakshi Chowdhary will portray the second lead.

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