Bollywood actor aamir khan is called Mr. Perfectionist of Bollywood. He always wants to keep his script and his acting perfect. In such a situation, even if an actor does one film a year, it is different from others. A few years ago, Aamir Khan's film lal singh chaddha was released. kareena kapoor Khan was in the lead role with him in this film. The story of the film was different but it was not successful in leaving an impression on the hearts of the audience.

Perhaps there are very few films of aamir khan which have flopped. In such a situation, how did the actor react when Laal Singh Chaddha flopped? Or how he felt about the poor performance of the film, the actor has revealed this in the annual summit of ABP Network (Ideas Of india 2024). While talking about his last film lal singh chaddha, aamir khan said- Advait, I, Kareena all worked very hard on the film but it did not work. When I look at failures, I feel that they are the biggest opportunity for me to learn something. Two things happened. Firstly, my film did not run after a long time. people from other families and friends were all coming home. How are you. After two-three weeks I felt it. When I sat with the family, I said - Man, if I get so much love after a flop, I would have given 2-4 more flops earlier. That's the funny side.

Hence regarding the flop of the film, the actor further said that – Failure gives you an opportunity to learn, to understand what was lacking in your communication. I thought about this a lot and I was telling kiran that this is a big learning for me. I have made so many mistakes in this film and at so many levels. All the mistakes happened in one film. If this had happened in a different film, it would have been a mess. I am emotionally sad that the film did not work.

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