Perhaps on the question whether love has now become something that cannot be defined, Navya said that it is people's personal choice how they see it. Regarding love, Navya said that according to her, love is not always romantic. According to me, love is what I am doing and how I am using my energy in my work. He also said that love is what you do with family, friends and your work.

Meanwhile Navya said that many things have changed after the advent of social media. Everyone is going to college, everyone is using social media. Everyone has questions about what they are doing and what they have to do next. Such questions trouble today's youth. Navya said that when I open my social media handle, I ask myself whether I am working hard. This question running somewhere in the mind creates a kind of competitive environment.

Moreover Navya also said that I would like today's youth to present themselves at different places. He became a representative of different fields, be it business, entertainment or politics. He said that there is a lot of youth population in this country and they are going to take care of the next 30 years. Therefore, she would like him to be the decision maker. Navya said that she wants similar change in India.

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