Accordingly bollywood actress bhumi pednekar is in the news these days for her latest release film 'Bhakshak'. If we talk about Bhumi's film journey so far, from the big screen to the OTT platform, Bhumi has very well made her place on both the platforms with her strong acting. But now the actress wants to try her luck in hollywood also. The actress has recently talked about this desire in one of her media interviews.

Recently in an interview, Bhumi talked about an issue which was almost impossible for bollywood actors to think about till a few years ago. The actress has said in her interview that now the career of dark-skinned girls in hollywood is skyrocketing. This is a golden opportunity for all those actors who once used to restrain themselves because of their white color tone, because now times and people's thoughts have changed a lot. Now acceptance of different cultures has increased among people.

Moreover opportunities have opened up for the career of actors in hollywood because now similar content is being worked on bollywood and OTT platforms also. Quoting actress 'Ambika Mode' of Netflix film 'ONEDAY', Bhumi said that it would have been really happy to see the shining hollywood career of 'Brown Girls'. This indian origin actress has played the lead role very well in One Day and her hard work bore fruit when not only bollywood but also hollywood viewers started liking her work.

Along with this, Bhumi gave a hint to hollywood directors and said that if any hollywood offer ever comes to her, she would like to do such a creative role in which she would be happy to work. The actress further said in her interview that she feels proud that she represents her country through her good work and her efforts will continue to be the same in future also. In her interview, the actress further said that now in future she wants to present her work in the West. Let us tell you that bollywood actress priyanka chopra is currently creating a stir in hollywood with her excellent work. priyanka often shares her latest videos and pictures with her fans on social media and also keeps giving updates to her fans about her new projects. Apart from Priyanka, there are many other bollywood actresses who have tried their hand in hollywood, like Shabana Azmi, Dimple Kapadia, Tabu, aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Disha Patani, deepika padukone etc.

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