Actress Raisa Wilson, who has gone on a trip to goa, took a sexy bath in the swimming pool wearing a bikini at a star hotel there.

Raiza Wilson

Raisa Wilson rose to fame as a contestant in the first season of bigg boss hosted by Kamal Haasan. Raisa, who is a PC in the cinema after bigg boss, got the opportunity to act opposite Harish Kalyan in the first film.

Actress Raiza Wilson

They were friends in bigg boss and acted as lovers in the romantic movie Pyaar Prema. The film was a huge hit. Raisa then got an opportunity to act in director Bala's direction. Accordingly Raisa acted in varma directed by dhruv Vikram.

BiggBoss Raiza Wilson

Varma's film got dropped due to some issues. After that, Raisa acted in the movie The Chase directed by karthik Raju. The film, which was shot during the Corona lockdown, is still stalled.

Raiza Wilson in Bikini

Then Raisa Wilson, who starred in films like vishnu Vishal's FIR, Prabhu Deva's Poikkal Utya, Sundar C's Koffee With Kadhal, currently has films like Love, Allies, and Pradikka Tharamilli in her hands. In this situation, Raisa, who has gone to goa for relaxation, has posted the photos taken there on Instagram.

Raiza Wilson Bikini Photos

In that way, now the photoshoot photos of sexy bathing actress Raisa Wilson wearing a bikini in a swimming pool are going viral on the internet. These photos of her in a colorful bikini are getting likes

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