For a tiny film, post-production is the most crucial stage. Effective post-production work must be finished as soon as possible since the more time passes after the trailer is out before the movie's release, the less buzz there will be. Regretfully, because of his music director radhan, the film's director, siddharth Rao, had to go through a gruelling post-production process. Yeshasvi, the director of siddharth Roy, an adult-themed film that attracted attention from young people, took a jab at radhan, the director of music.

"Post-production is the sole reason our film's release has to be severely delayed. radhan, the music director, annoyed us with his sluggishness. He and I argued a lot over the delay in the music project. That was his agony, and I'm not sure whether I can say this on stage, but I have to. He trapped us in our movie and made us suffer. He is not present today, which is fortunate since there could have been a fight or two. "Here's my warning to him," the director declared while performing.
Radhan had encountered similar circumstances previously, as evidenced by the harsh criticism he received from sandeep Reddy Vanga at the time of arjun Reddy's release. The music director is notoriously tough to deal with; those who see potential in him become ensnared and ultimately suffer as a result of his indolence and lack of professionalism.

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