Although talented and up-and-coming, abhinav gomatam doesn't always have the good fortune to land leading parts. Like everyone else, he recently shared his thoughts on movie reviews, but he has an alternative viewpoint. Abhinav advises that reviews of four particular heroes shouldn't be published by the media until at least Monday. It's interesting that Venkatesh, Balakrishna, Nagarjuna, and chiranjeevi are among them.
 His justification is that, in addition to their contributions to telugu film, all four celebrities have made large charitable donations and have supported the people during natural disasters. He thinks that at least until Monday, the media need to hold off on reviewing these four heroes. Let's avoid getting into the readily contested aspects of this. Everyone has an opinion about reviews, as we've stated, and abhinav gomatam presents an entirely different viewpoint.
 The film "Masthu Shades Unnai Raa" changes towards the end, with the filmmaker skillfully navigating through important scenes to create a more streamlined narrative. There is a little decrease in participation towards the climax, but generally the viewing experience is improved by a noticeable improvement in technical areas. Stay tuned for more updates in this regard.

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