Purnima, who participated as a contestant in the 7th season of the Big Boss show, posted a sexy photoshoot on the beach and posted photos on Instagram.

Purnima is famous by YouTube. He attended the 7th season of the Big Boss event, which was held last month. purnima was also one of the controversial competitors and one of the controversials. purnima left the BigPass house with the wallet for almost 100 days.

Purnima is the competitor who has left the most money in the history of Big Boss. He left with a sum of Rs 16 lakh. Purnima, who fell in love with vishnu during the Big Boss show, at one point the break up and split him up. The movie 'Annapoorni' starring purnima came to the screens while he was at Big Boss's house. purnima co -starred with Nayanthara.

Bigg boss poornima

After purnima came out of the Big Boss show, Sevapi, the hero of the story, was released. The film was released last month on the pongal festival. It also received praise for her performance. Following this, purnima is in the process of tapping the film opportunities.

Poornima ravi Latest Photoshoot

As part of that, purnima is interested in conducting a photoshoot, a tactile man handling actress. In that way, the photoshoot has now become a glamorous storm in a black sari that drip on the beach. Seeing this, the netizens are saying that he is also showing the green signal.

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