Dil Raju, a well-known producer in the telugu film industry, has often been urged to explore acting due to his good looks. However, he has consistently expressed his preference for staying behind the scenes as a producer rather than taking up acting or directing. Despite this, dil raju has made occasional cameo appearances in films, including the sequel to the movie "Anjali Geetanjali."

The trailer for the sequel, titled "Geetanjali Again," has been recently released. The film features anjali and the comedians from the first part, with a different storyline. dil raju is making a cameo appearance in this movie, following a similar pattern to his cameo in the successful film "Anjali Geetanjali."

The film is set to be released in March, and the trailer suggests a blend of comedy and horror elements. dil Raju's presence in the movie is attributed to a sentiment linked to the success of "Geetanjali." The film unit requested his appearance in a scene, and it remains to be seen how well the movie connects with the audience.

"Geetanjali Again" marks Anjali's return to telugu cinema after a hiatus, and her performance is eagerly anticipated. Kona Venkat, serving as the writer and producer of the film, is hoping for success in both aspects. The outcome of "Geetanjali Again" will be interesting to observe, considering the combination of horror, comedy, and the involvement of dil raju in a cameo role.

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